Rescheduling a Session

Living in Florida, we are blessed with gorgeous weather year round. One of the hardest parts of photographing an engagement session in Florida is the afternoon thunderstorms that are prominent the majority of the summer. Some days there’s beautiful sunshine, but then all of a sudden a storm comes through. Then, on other days, it’s overcast without a drop of rain. My main priority is to provide a wonderful experience for my clients, even if that means we have to reschedule the session.

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So how do I decide if a session needs to be reschedule due to weather? Here are some things I consider:

1. Radar

I keep a close eye on the forecast using the radar feature through the Weather Channel’s website. Since my engagement sessions are schedule two hours prior to sunset, I make it a priority to check the radar frequently up until an hour – half hour prior to the session.

2. Rain percentage

When the forecast calls for a 55% chance of rain or thunderstorms +, I contact the client to reschedule. The last thing I want is to arrive to the location and be stormed out, especially for the ladies who have had their hair and makeup done.

3. Rescheduling

If in the event it is necessary to reschedule, I will contact the clients to coordinate a new date that works best for us both.


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